Eileen Lange

Eileen Lange

Founder of Bella-Vita

Wow, where do I start?

In 2013 I was thinking of how I could do Valentine’s Day differently. I thought the usual dinner or a movie date was the ordinary and safe go-to date. Shouldn’t there be a little build up to maybe something a little more extraordinary, creative, magical or even a romantic moment in time…

I am an out-the-box thinker and ironically box packaging is what we use to deliver a transformed world to you now.

You know how it is, an idea comes to you, you are amazed and excited by it and it just lights that fire inside you… Then what? What do you do now? How do you implement this idea? How do you make it a reality? And then, you do nothing. You carry on with life as you know it. Maybe you change jobs, go through a break up or two…

In that moment of doing nothing, things start to happen. Opportunities suddenly pop up and present themselves. You find yourself planning all sorts of events such as: bachelor and bachelorette parties, expo’s and team-building events and your confidence grows. Ideas flow and you can hardly keep up with putting pen to paper.

Somehow five years have passed and you finally figure out a way to “package” those ideas you got so excited and fired up about in the first place.

At first, my focus was on working with couples, singles and friends. I didn’t know how to market that or where to take it. Then I found a way to make Date Night ideas available to be purchased. These ideas are packaged in a Date Night Gift Box, but trust me when I say… There is a gift box for every occasion. Whether it is planning a surprise for date night or a couple of friends wanting to experience some fun and make some amazing memories. There is something for every mood: romantic, fun, adventurous, sexy, playful, intimate….

Although Date Night Gift Box is a product, I am certainly not steering away from making life more exciting for you in or out of the box, at home or out and about.

Our newest addition is here!

Dating with an Edge – here’s to a fun and safe way of meeting people. Loads of fun, endless possibilities and guiding your dating experience. We hope that you find love, and when you do, we would love to hear all about it!

Please acquaint yourself with the different services we offer. We love planning, organizing & creating special moments so that you can experience Bella Vita – Shhh… let life surprise you!

We would love to hear about your Bella Vita Experience!