Our expertise include the following

Birthday parties  •  Murder Mysteries  •  Proposal planning  •  Special anniversaries  •  Engagement parties
Team-building  •  Amazing Race/ scavenger hunt  •  Bachelor/ bachelorette parties  •  Dance fitness •  Flash mob

Bachelorette Parties

We send a Cherry Dance Instructor to your Bachelorette Party to come demonstrate and teach you a dance routine that will get those hips and feet moving for sure. Props like chairs, feather boas and gloves are always a fun way to express ourselves! Don’t be too surprised when you find yourself trying some of those new, sexy moves you never thought you’d get right. So with hips swaying, music playing, memories with friends in the making, for those about to say “I do” – never forget the sexiest part of you… your smile!

Bachelorette Parties

(Gauteng only. Please request a quote if based outside of Gauteng)

Salsa it up!


Let’s go Burlesque...

(ladies only)

Sexy Line Dance


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Step 2

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe?

Step 3

Dance like no one is watching you!

Team Building

We customize teambuilding activities in accordance with those specific outcomes you are looking for.

Our Team-building activities are set out to create opportunities where employees can: learn about each other’s strengths, realize how working together is beneficial to the team and the individual, learn different ways to apply oneself, learn to be more solution orientated, communicate effectively and for employees to experience healthy working relationships

Team building


Amazing Race- Scavenger Hunt


Dancing with your colleague

(… instead of a celebrity)

Flash Mob


Dance Fitness


Murder Mysteries


Amazing Race- Scavenger Hunt

What is needed? Two or more teams to participate

Each team is made up of 2 or more members Every team needs:
• A licensed vehicle to accommodate the amount of members in that team
• A licensed driver – this is non-negotiable of course
• An open mind and a sense of humour!

How does it work?
Everyone taking part will meet up beforehand. Details will be sent out regarding time and venue as to where the race will start. People may decide among themselves who they want to team up with otherwise we will randomly make up teams on the day. The race will then be explained. A few rules will be highlighted and instruction cards will be handed out to each team. Each team will receive a monetary allowance, instruction cards and a map.

Each team will then set out to fulfill the activities that are given on the Instruction cards. A time limit is set and the aim is to finish as many, possibly all the activities on the Instruction cards given.
It isn’t a race if there isn’t a prize to be won, right?

Prizes are given to:
• The first team to complete all (or most of) the activities on their Instruction cards,
• The team that handled their money situation the best,
• And to the team that showed the most creativity in completing the activities given on their Instruction cards.

We customize our Amazing Race–Scavenger Hunt according to the event you have in mind!

Amazing Race-Scavenger Hunt Options


Bachelor Parties


Teambuilding Events


Fund Raisers


Birthday Parties

Adults and Kids (with adult supervision of course)

Bachelorette Parties


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