Date Night in a Box

What’s in my box?

We all love a good surprise, and the biggest part of it all is that we can’t wait to find out what it’s all about!

So, the least we could do were to drop some hints of what you can expect in the box. At least we tried, right?

Please know that what is in the Date Night Gift Box has been carefully planned and put together with some added value in that you feel like you are receiving a very special gift; hence some personal touches such as engraved items may be found in your Date Night Gift box from us. Our aim is to take you out on a date! We want to spoil you, make you laugh, smile or even experience tears of joy. Creating a time for you to be with your loved one, not talking about everything that you still need to plan, do or solve… You will get it sorted in good time. But when you sit down with your Date Night Gift Box from us, you show your partner that they matter, that spending quality time with no distraction but each other, is priority.

We hope for your relationship to be more than ambitious,  more than reaching the next goal, to be more than just getting stuff done and most certainly to be more than the Jones’

Date Night Gift Box is like hitting a 6, getting a home run, and feeling like you’re winning in the midst of what may be going on. This is a the time to experience a little magic! You can come up with all sorts of reasons and things to do before you can have some special time, but please don’t do that. You will probably find that you will be more productive afterwards, that the solution you’ve been wrecking your brain about is somehow now right in front of you and maybe it doesn’t make sense, but try it!

In the Bella Vita Date Night Gift Box, we talk you through step by step as you finally find out what the surprise is…

You may learn something new about each other, something new to do or even learn a little bit more about yourself.

Sometimes we just have to have an open mind; show up and let the Date Night Gift Box take care of the rest.

Here is to wishing you a beautiful life. Bella Vita – Shhh… let life surprise you!

When will my box arrive?

Once payment has cleared; your Date Night Gift Box will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days.

Who are these dates designed for?

Oh gosh, thanks to so many suggestions. The answer is Everyone! 🙂

Here are a few suggestions listed below:

Singles…yes I said singles. We have a plan up our sleeves for those who don’t have a date. Here is to a fun and different way of meeting people. You will need a sense of humour. This is just for fun, but who knows, maybe love will find you. More detail on how this will work, will be given at a later stage. So, please keep a look out!

First dates, a great way to get to know each other, be different and set the tone for dates to come.

Couples that are dating – Couples that are getting engaged – Couples that are getting married –  Couples that just got married – Couples that are already married – Couples that are welcoming a new member into their family

Friends – Why not purchase one of our Date Night Gift boxes, where it is indicated for 2 or more people, with a theme of your choice and let Bella Vita surprise you. Voila! A fun filled evening, guaranteed entertainment, with little or no planning at all.

These Date Night Gift boxes make great gifts!

What if I don’t like my box?

As we would love you to enjoy every Date Night Gift box from us as much as we enjoy planning and preparing it for you, there may be times that for some reason this time we didn’t meet your expectation.  Good communication is the key to happy relationships and if you don’t share the good and the bad with us, we don’t know how to keep that gorgeous smile on your dial. Please feel free to share your suggestions with us by filling in our suggestion box. Sometimes we have to try something new, to better meet expectations, right?

What is the monthly subscription cancellation policy?

The monthly subscription is for a minimum of 3 months. For cancellation, one month notice is required.

What do you love to do?

I love to put the music nice and loud so that no one else can hear me when I sing my lungs out… My talents certainly lie elsewhere

Where do you deliver?

We love travelling! Currently we deliver to Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, East London and Port Elizabeth city centres and outside of these areas may cost a little extra.

What are my payment options?

Instant EFT, bank EFT, credit card, debit order, cash payments, Masterpass and Visa checkout are the current options we use to accept payments.

Dating with an Edge

Is ‘Dating with an Edge’ a dating app?

It is NOT a dating app.

What is ‘Dating with an Edge’ then?

It is a program that has been set up as a multi-day event.

People attend this program online and are expected to attend 3 sessions that make up this multi-day event.

Who is it for?

Dating with an Edge is a multi-day event for those who would like to meet someone special.

How is it different to dating apps?

The environment created is more like one going to a lunch or party with friends, and then happen to meet someone you think you might kind of fancy…

We want you to be safe and have fun while you date!

When do I go on a date?

After you have attended the 3 sessions that this program has set out for you, you will then fill in a survey as to who you liked. If there was mutual interest, you two will be treated to a sponsored date!

How does it work?

First you sign up.

Then a Welcome Gift Box is couriered to you.

Enjoy the program online.

If 2 participants have shown mutual interest in each other, they will be treated to a fun sponsored date!

What is in it for me?

Meeting multiple people in a fun and safe environment.

Getting to know people in real time, no pretending to be someone you are not.

Coaching is included for a month, to help you make good and healthy decisions when it comes to love and relationships.

Is this a Subscription?

This is NOT a subscription.

Who will I meet?

People who have signed up to join ‘Dating with an Edge’ are allocated to a group according to the city they live in and their age group.

Due to the group environment created, you will meet men and women.

This multi-day event is for people interested in being in a heterosexual relationship.